At Vaxcyte, we are driven by our:

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Bold Goal

To prevent or treat infections caused by bacterial diseases, such as invasive pneumococcal disease, Group A Strep, periodontitis and Shigella.
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Sense of Urgency

Bacterial infections remain one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century.
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Vast Opportunity

Re-engineering the way complex vaccines are made by leveraging our advanced chemistry platform that goes beyond conventional vaccine development approaches.
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Singular Focus

We are on a global mission to engineer high-fidelity vaccines that protect humankind from the consequences of bacterial diseases.

“Not since the 1950s has vaccine innovation been as relevant as today. Vaccines are now recognized for the true value they bring in protecting all of us from serious diseases.”

Jim Wassil, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

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Eliminating Invasive Bacterial Infections

Despite renewed interest in vaccine innovation, bacterial infectious diseases have not historically received adequate attention. The global incidence of pneumococcal disease remains high, driven in part by emerging serotypes not covered by currently available vaccines. Our site-specific conjugation technology allows us to engineer broader-spectrum pneumococcal conjugate vaccines (PCVs) that we believe may enable our PCV franchise to surpass the coverage of other pneumococcal vaccines and provide greater disease protection, while maintaining effectiveness.

A Cause Befitting Our Technology

With the XpressCF™ cell-free protein synthesis platform, we determined early on that developing a more broadly protective PCV was the highest and best use of our technology. We believe our unique platform has enabled us to develop one of the most complex biologics ever attempted.
Grant Pickering

Chief Executive Officer, Director and Founder

With our novel technology, we believe we can go beyond traditional vaccine approaches – such as new technologies like mRNA – when it comes to addressing bacterial diseases.

Jeff Fairman

Vice President of Research and Founder

We are working to develop vaccines that improve upon those that are available or forge into new areas where prevention has not been possible. It’s more than incremental change. To me it’s a chance to markedly expand the role vaccines play in treating global health.

Andrew Guggenhime

President and Chief Financial Officer