Advanced Chemistry Powered by a Scalable, Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Platform

Bacteria use a vast array of physical, biochemical and immunological mechanisms to evade or repel the host’s efforts to destroy or neutralize them. To counteract these complex defense strategies, vaccines must include multiple antigens, serotypes and/or immune-enhancing components to maximize coverage and precisely target multiple serotypes while providing durable protection without triggering unwanted off-target effects.

Unencumbered by the limitations of traditional cell-based methods of protein expression, our chemistry and proprietary cell-free protein synthesis platform enable us to engineer more precise, site-specific conjugation to preserve essential immune epitopes.

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Our Platform Overcomes the Limitations of Conventional Vaccines

Our advanced chemistry platform, including the XpressCF™ cell-free protein synthesis platform (XpressCF™), is exclusively licensed from Sutro Biopharma, Inc. which has industrialized and scaled the platform at its GMP facility.

XpressCF™ enables us to overcome limitations of traditional chemistry by separating the cellular biochemical components into an extract that includes everything required for transcription, translation and energy production. In combination with our advanced chemistry, XpressCF™ enables precise, site-specific conjugation with the aim of enhancing the potency of standard protein carriers, allowing us to expand coverage by adding more pathogenic strains to our vaccines without adversely affecting immunogenicity.

How Our Technology Does More with Less

Conjugate vaccines induce a robust and boostable antibody response to the protective carbohydrate coating of Streptococcus pneumonia. In VAX-24, a 24-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), we have discovered how to make the connections between carrier proteins and polysaccharides in a way that preserves exposure of the T-cell epitopes of the carrier protein. As a result, we believe we can use half as much protein as conventional vaccines, enabling us to add incremental strains to our PCVs with the goal of preserving immunogenicity while providing broader disease protection.

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Partnerships & Alliances

Our company was formed with a singular purpose: to create prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines for bacterial infections for which no vaccines or adequate treatments exist. We welcome the opportunity to discuss collaborative ideas on how to further advance our mission.

Why partner with us:

  • As a bacterial vaccine innovation company, we have all the pieces in place to become a leader in the industry.
  • Our vaccines are designed to be uniquely capable of breaking down bacteria’s complex defense mechanisms while preserving immunogenicity.
  • With our advanced chemistry, technology platform and manufacturing expertise, we are working to make proteins in unique conformations faster, better and in larger quantities than ever before.
  • We are leveraging our cutting-edge technology to improve existing vaccines and provide vaccines to treat or prevent diseases in large, often untapped markets.